About Us

I love saying I was born and raised in the Midwest. Bloomington, Indiana is a big reason why. It is home to Indiana University and one of the country’s great college towns. Culturally diverse with small town charm, Bloomington is known for the Indiana Hoosiers, Bob Knight, basketball in general, John Mellencamp, Hoagy Carmichael, Joshua Bell, “Hoosiers” (written by hometown boy Angelo Pizzo), the limestone quarries where “Breaking Away” was shot and the Little 500 bike race. It is home to many who attended IU and never left. As well it is a favorite place for many who went to IU, now live elsewhere and make a yearly pilgrimage back to experience the lush landscape of the glorious campus and the local flavor.

I grew up the daughter of a well-known artist, Rudy Pozzatti, who named me after the Italian librettist, Luigi Illica. As a visual artist and graphic designer (BFA in Graphic Design and BA in Art History from IU), I found that I have a love for words as well as art. I also have an unqualified but passionate interest in music. During my 18 years in New York City where I worked as an art director, designer and personal assistant, I took music theory at The New School and learned to play guitar….. sort of. : ) I first created the Haute & Bothered name and brand to register the music and lyrics for my 2011 record “Queens & Kings.”

In 2018, I returned to Bloomington to care for my parents in their 90’s. It was a decision I made on instinct and one of the best of my life. It was 24/7 caregiving and learning how much living can take place, even at 90+, if you’re there and ready to absorb it. During Covid and since, I have been a full-time caregiver. During this time, I have had the opportunity to care for some of my parents’ good friends and contemporaries. What a feeling to give back! It was during Covid that I began to imagine this idea: Bloomington-themed apparel that celebrates the town beyond the gown. I’ve created designs that wed my love for art and design while paying homage to my beloved hometown. I’ve also designed a line of kids clothes with paintings done while caring for an adorable four year old named Jay. The Haute & Bothered brand will include things I am haute and bothered about: apparel, art, music and design. A near future goal is to donate a percentage of profits to local charities in the spirit of giving back and caring for the community.

Welcome to the Haute & Bothered brand. Feedback welcome!

Illica Pozzatti